Tom Wemett

Tom Wemett is a nationwide known author, instructor, and homebuyer representation specialist.

He got his entrepreneurial start as the Secretary/Treasurer for the Wemett Corporation.  This was a gas and fuel oil distributorship started by his grandfather, Clarence, in 1906.  Located in Hemlock, south of Rochester, NY, it had 4500 fuel oil accounts and 35 gas stations.  The family business sold in 1971 and Tom spent the next two years working for a local investor.  He helped the investor buy over $22 million worth of income property in 15 states over 2 1/2 years.  He then started his own real estate brokerage and property management firm in 1973.  He operated from 1973 to 2004 in the greater Rochester, New York, area.

In the late 1980’s, Tom purchased a Help-U-Sell franchise.  This business provided special marketing and sales programs for sellers.  However, the marketing drew in lots of buyers.  Tom and his agents ended up spending more time helping buyers than helping sellers.

It was customary at the time for all real estate licensees to represent sellers but not buyers. Real estate licensees treated buyers as customers.  But the real estate company treated sellers as clients.  Buyers had no representation.  But, sellers did.  The phenomenon started to change in the late 1980’s.  Buyer representation became acceptable and desired by homebuyers.

Tom saw a conflict.  He had listings and was looking out for the best interest of these sellers.  He realized it would be impossible to look out for the best interest of a buyer of the same property.

For Tom the decision was clear and simple.  Represent one side only and end the conflict of interest.  He stopped attempting to represent both a seller and a buyer on the same property in the same company.  In 1992, Tom became and continues today as an exclusive buyer’s agent.  He represents homebuyers only and never represents homesellers or takes listings.

Homebuyers want to buy the right home at the right price. Tom’s focus is to make sure that happens and has dedicated his real estate career to that goal.

Tom is the founder-broker-manager of Homebuyer Advisers LLC.  This is an exclusive buyer agency currently operating in Florida and Massachusetts. Tom is a licensed real estate broker in Florida, Massachusetts and New York State.

Tom has a business degree from RIT, the Rochester Institution of Technology.  He also has taken the following training and has earned the following certifications among many othres:

Accredited Buyer Representative, ABR; Accredited Buyer Representative Manager, ABRM; Certified Exclusive Buyer Agent Master, CEBA-M; Certified Buyer Representative, CBR; Certified Buyer Agent, CBA; Certified Residential Specialist, CRS; Graduate REALTOR® Institute, GRI; Certified Negotiation Expert, CNE; Senior Real Estate Specialist, SRES; Certified New Home Sales Professional, CSP; Certified Homeowner Educator and Counselor, CHEC.

In March of 2020, Tom closed his exclusive buyer agency due to the covid-19 pandemic. He spent the time from then to August 2020 writing and publishing this book. In October 2020 he pivoted his real estate brokerage to real estate investing for his own account. His real estate investing website is www.tom-buys-houses-in-massachusetts.com.

Tom Buys Houses in Massachusetts